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Transition Regulator Panel

TRANSITION REGULATOR PANEL (TRP) Transition Regulator Panel receives the signal from Transition Excitation Transformer which is generated by the alternator & Three Transition Regulator Cards in this panel initiates the traction events by weakening & regrouping of traction motors

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Voltage Rerulator (VRP)

VRP is a regulating Device which regulates the Voltage & Current generated by the Auxiliary Generator for Battery Charging & to control the Supply power. It is Mainly Working on Silicon Control Rectifier(SCR).

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LED Flasher

LED Based Flasher Light is a Satety Device located at the side of Head Light of the Locomotive to attract the attention of Opposite Locomotive Driver & to warn them of unsafe track condition whenever it is required from the distance of 2 Kilometers.

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LED Maker

LED Based Marker Light is used to identify the occupancy of the track in stations, and to give attention to the other Loco-motive driver to identify the running condition. Red Marker Light Indicates when the Train is Stopped & White Marker Light Indicates the Running ( Train is in moving condition)of the Train.

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Exicitation Control Panel

The seven Elecronic Plug-in type Cards in the EXCP Provides means to match the Capability of the Diesel Locomotive with the Traction Generator by controlling the output of the Generatior, and it maintains the exact load on the Generator to avoid Load Fluctuation

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Engine Conrol Panel

By converting the Speed Signal from Tachogenerator into VDC (DC Voltage) Signal, it provides Signal to the Main Generator. Engine Speed Saturable Transformer including with HV, LV Rectifier Cards & Stabilizing Circuits is used in this panel to Rectifying & Adjusting the AC Frequency Signals from the Tachogenerator of the engine to control the Engine Speed in Conjunction with Engine...

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